Lexus of White Plains Lease Return Center

Lexus of White Plains Lease Return Center

Regardless of where you leased your Lexus, here at Lexus of White Plains, you can easily return it through our Lexus Lease Return & Re-Finance Center. Whether your lease is up in a few months or a few days, you have several options. Our expert team is here to help you understand your options so you can make the choice that’s best for you. Feel free to give us a call, chat with us online, or stop by for more information.


Q: Is it possible to sell my leased vehicle to Lexus of White Plains?
A: YES! Your leased vehicle may have equity dependent on its condition and market value.
We’re interested in buying your leased vehicle. Call Lexus of White Plains today to schedule a complimentary, no-obligation equity appraisal.

Q: Can I extend the lease on my current Lexus vehicle?
It’s certainly easy to understand that you’ve grown to love the premium driving experience that your Lexus vehicle offers. If you’re not quite ready to part ways with your vehicle, contact the bank that financed your lease. For Lexus Financial Services, the toll-free number is (800) 874-7050. You can also visit the Lexus Financial site here.

Q: Is it possible to upgrade to a newer Lexus before my lease term ends?
If you are nearing the end of your lease and have your eyes on another Lexus model, Lexus of White Plains may be able to offer you the unique opportunity to participate in our Lexus Pull-Ahead Program. The pull ahead program gives flexibility to current customers who want to ‘accelerate’ the timeline for getting behind the wheel of a new or qualifying L/Certified Lexus model.

Q: Do I have to return my Lexus to the dealer that I originally leased from?
A: You’re welcome to return your leased vehicle right here at Lexus of White Plains regardless of where you took delivery! While we have a large selection of new Lexus and certified Lexus vehicles and a variety of pre-owned vehicles, including an extensive one owner inventory, if we don’t have the perfect vehicle for you, we will still accept your lease turn-in with no pressure to buy from us.

Q: Are there benefits to returning my current Lexus and leasing a new Lexus?
Absolutely! Besides the benefit of having the ability to easily transition into a new Lexus model with the most up-to-date standard safety, entertainment, and technology features, there are additional benefits to continuing to lease a Lexus vehicle:

As a loyal Lexus lessee, you may be eligible for exclusive savings on your next Lexus lease or purchase.

If you choose to finance or lease your next Lexus through Lexus Financial Services, the lease-end  disposition fee for the vehicle may be waived.

Q: Can I purchase my current Lexus?
Due to the high quality of Lexus vehicles, many customers choose to purchase their car after their lease ends. You have been the one maintaining and driving the car, so you know exactly what you would be buying. You’re also getting a significant discount off the original MSRP. Call us at (844) 429-0212 if you’d like our team to start working on the best financing options available to you.  If you don’t need to finance your purchase, our Lexus Financial professionals will work with you to make sure the transaction is smooth and simple.

If you’re still wondering whether buying your lease or leasing a new Lexus is a better choice for your lifestyle, take a look at this quick comparison chart that lays out a few important factors to consider:

If You Buy Your Lease

If You Lease a New Lexus

Customization You’ve wanted to customize, wrap, and make modifications to this car for a while now. Go ahead and customize it to your heart’s content! You like how Lexus built it already and outside of adding some Lexus Window Tint or another Lexus OEM part, you’re happy with your Lexus being in factory condition.
Warranty You will either need to purchase an extended coverage contract with our Finance Consultants when you buy out your lease or you’re perfectly fine knowing your car is outside of the original factory warranty. Take the guess work out of car ownership. You’re always covered under the factory warranty and can pre-plan your vehicle expenses.
Benefits from Lexus Financial Services Regular finance incentives + you can purchase an extended coverage plan at Lexus of White Plains. If you return your lease and decide to go with a different manufacturer, you will be charged a disposition fee. The disposition fee is waived, your new lease includes GAP coverage, you get to take advantage of lower rates for being a returning Lexus customer, and Tax Benefits may apply for businesses (or you may lease during a time that LFS is offering Tax Credits – ask your sales consultant for details on this benefit).


  1. Q: Should I have a pre-inspection completed prior to my lease maturing?
    If you decide to go ahead and turn in your vehicle rather than purchase it outright, we encourage you to schedule your complimentary, official pre-inspection 15-60 days prior to your lease maturity date. This inspection will take place with a third party that will assess your vehicle on behalf of Lexus Financial Services. The inspectors will come to your home, work, or other preferred location for your convenience. To schedule an inspection, call AutoVin at (855) 90-MY-LFS or schedule online here.
    If any issues are discovered that may be considered “excess wear” by LFS, you may choose to schedule a service appointment with us, where we can fix the issues prior to your vehicle turn-in.

Have questions on what is considered Excessive Wear and Use on a Lexus Lease? 

  • Interior condition: one or more cuts, tears, burns, or stains that are larger than a credit card
  • Missing keys, remotes, mats, tonneau covers, books, or other accessories that came with your new Lexus
  • Inoperative or broken parts and equipment
  • Modifications made to the vehicle not outlined in the lease
  • Damaged tires or wheels
  • Tires that do not match or meet the manufacturer’s guidelines
  • Damage or cracks in the windshield, windows, mirrors, or lamps
  • Exterior condition: scratch or dent larger than a credit card or anything that penetrates the paint.
  1. Q: Who do I contact at Lexus of White Plains to schedule a final lease turn in?
    You are welcome to return your lease at Lexus of White Plains with no questions asked. We just want you, as our customer, to be happy. Please call us at (844) 429-0212 to schedule a lease return appointment.

Please be advised that leasing banks will charge you a Lease Termination Fee. You may also be charged for excess mileage above your contracted terms and/or any excessive wear and tear. Any such charges are not levied by Lexus of White Plains, but rather by the leasing bank. Don’t forget that you will remain as the registered owner until the leasing bank re-sells the vehicle to someone else and this re-sale process can take several months.

  1. Q: What do I need to bring and what should I expect at the Dealership when I return my Lexus?
    Once you arrange a date with our team at Lexus of White Plains, remove all of your personal belongings from the glove compartment, center console, and seat pockets. You should also clear the navigation system of all saved addresses, erase programmable garage door codes, and delete all saved phone numbers. Then, make sure the following equipment is present in the vehicle:
  • All keys and key fobs
  • Owner’s manual
  • Entertainment system headphones
  • Other accessories included in the lease package
  • Original manufacturer wheels at the time of the lease
  • Power charging cables for electric vehicles

The final step in the lease return process is finalizing all of the paperwork.  Our sales team will assist you in completing the odometer statement and lease return paperwork. Please keep in mind that the original lessee must be present to sign any required paperwork.

  1. Q: What’s Next?
    After you’ve turned in your leased vehicle to Lexus of White Plains, you may receive a Lease End Invoice mailed to you by Lexus Financial Services that will include any unpaid payments, late fees, and miscellaneous charges. If you had a security deposit, it will be returned to your home address via check. It will be used to first pay any Lease End Invoice charges, if applicable. If you make automatic payments through Lexus Financial Services, make sure to remember to cancel electronic payments.

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