Lexus GX Tire Size

It’s time to talk tires. More specifically, it’s time to talk about Lexus GX tire size. The GX can power your drives throughout White Plains, Yonkers, and Scarsdale, but only if you have the right tires for this Lexus SUV.

The Lexus of White Plains team is here to discuss GX tire size, why having the right tires can help, and how to care for them at home.  Schedule a service appointment today to get started.

What Tires Fit My Lexus GX?

Tire InspectionWe’re glad you asked. We’ve heard this question from GX drivers over the years, and we’re here to provide the answer.

There are a couple of different options, beginning with the tire size of the 18-inch tires, which is P265/60R18/109H. Your Lexus GX can also be outfitted with 19-inch tires, with the tire size of 265/55R19 109V. Now, you may be wondering what some of those numbers mean. We’ve already told you that the GX can have 18-inch or 19-inch tires, but what do the rest of these characters mean?

The first number in those sequences was “265.” That means the tire width in millimeters is 265. The “60R18” in our first example provides information about aspect ratio, tire construction, and the diameter of the wheel in inches. The “R” describes the radial construction of the tire, while the “18” is the tire size in inches.

To keep your tires running smoothly, the front, rear, and spare should all be set to 32 PSI before you head out on that next drive. It’s a good idea to check tire pressure at least once a month.

When Should Tires Be Replaced?

Tires should be replaced when the treads have worn down, and the tire is no longer functioning at 100%. You don’t want to drive on underinflated tires lacking tread, because you’ll be unable to bring your car safely to a stop. Replace tires when the treadwear indicators show or you see damage like cuts, splits, or cracks.

If you’re filling the tires with air, and the tire loses air or a cut cannot be repaired, it’s time to look for new tires.

Any tire that’s six years old or older will need to be inspected by our Lexus technicians, regardless of how much you drive. Even if it doesn’t look like there’s visible damage, it’s still a good idea to have tires checked.

Taking Care of Your Tires

Tire RotationNow that you’ve learned about Lexus GX tires, and you know how long to drive before replacing them, it’s time to take a closer look at caring for the tires themselves. What can you do to protect the tires on your vehicle?

A tire rotation should be scheduled every 5,000 miles. This ensures the tires experience even wear and tear. Your Lexus SUV also comes with a tire pressure monitoring system. This system lets you know when the tires are low on air. When you see this light turn on, be sure to fill the tires to 32 PSI.

Hit a pothole or some debris? It’s possible there may be a leak. If this is the case, stop by our service center, and we’ll do our best to repair the tire leak and get you back on the road.

We’re Your Lexus GX Tire Experts

When it comes to Lexus GX tire size, the team at Lexus of White Plains is here to assist you near White Plains, Yonkers, and Scarsdale. We care about your driving experience. Let us handle your tire needs today.