Lexus RX 350 Dashboard Lights


As you drive your Lexus RX 350 on the roads of White Plains, Yonkers, or Scarsdale, you might notice a light on the dashboard kick on while driving. Of course, your first thought is likely, “Well, what does that mean?” The second is usually, “How do I get it to turn off?”

At Lexus of White Plains, we’ve put together this convenient guide to explain what some of those lights on the dashboard are trying to tell you. If you’re out for a drive and can’t access your owner’s manual or are just looking for supplementary information, read on to learn more.


This indicator looks like an exclamation point inside parentheses with tire treads near the bottom. If this light comes on, check tires for low air pressure.

Make sure you adjust the tire pressure to the recommended pressure in the Lexus RX 350. This can be found inside the driver’s door. If the dashboard light is blinking for a noticeable amount of time (about 30-60 seconds) before turning solid, bring your vehicle to our service center, as there may be an issue with the monitoring system itself.


This engine-shaped dashboard light is important to look at if it kicks on. If the light is flashing, it may signify an issue with the engine on the RX 350 misfiring, which could cause damage over time. If the light is solid, it could be just about anything, from an issue with the electronics to a loose gas cap.

If the light doesn’t turn off after a few errands or a couple of trips, we’re happy to look at it so the issue is resolved.


If this all-capital-letters red light comes on, the brake system needs attention. There could be low brake fluid, which might cause your car to skid or slide when tapping the brakes. There may also be a malfunction of the brake system.

If the light comes on while driving and a buzzing sound accompanies it, pull over in a safe area as soon as possible and turn the car off. You can call our service center for more information or guidance for your Lexus RX 350.


If an exclamation point inside of a circle inside of a pair of parentheses lights up in yellow, then it means there could be a malfunction in the electronic parking brake. You should bring your vehicle into our service center to get it checked out in order to avoid a larger issue down the line.


If this dashboard light comes on, with the letters “ABS” lit up, the anti-lock braking system may be malfunctioning, or brake assist system may have been deactivated. This can make it tougher to stop the vehicle in a hard-brake situation.

A standard safety feature in most vehicles today, anti-lock braking system will keep your brakes from locking up in the event of a hard-brake scenario. In a hard-brake scenario, this system will pulse the brakes so you can steer away from the hazard you’ve braked for. This keeps the wheels from locking up, which could cause the vehicle to skid into the hazard you’re trying to avoid.

Call our service center to set up an appointment so we can get this issue dealt with as soon as possible.


If a light that is shaped like a foot pressing on a rectangle with an arrow pointing toward it lights up on your dashboard accompanied by a buzzer sounding, your brake override system could be experiencing a malfunction.

The brake override system will shut off your brakes if it senses conflicting inputs. For example, if both the accelerator and brake are pushed at once, the brake override system will keep the car from accelerating; or if there’s an electrical fault causing the car to continue accelerating even if the brake pedal is being pressed.

If this light turns on, you should bring your RX into our service center as soon as you can to ensure the system will work in the event that you need it.


This warning light is shaped like a person buckled into a seat with a big circle. When this light turns on, it means: there could be a fault in the SRS airbag system, the front passenger occupant classification system, or the seat belt pretensioner system. In other words, the standard safety systems.

If this light turns on, bring your RX into our service center as soon as you can, because if this fault goes ignored, a bigger issue could come up down the line.


If a light shaped like a steering wheel with an exclamation point to the side turns on, it could indicate a fault in your electric power steering system. The light could be either yellow or red, and accompanied by a buzzer.

As this system controls the steering of your car, if you see this light turn on, please bring your RX into our service center so we can correct the issue.


This light is shaped like a standard caution sign, a triangle with an exclamation point in the middle. If this light turns on, it means there could be a fault in the warning system itself.

If you see this light turn on, bring your vehicle into our service center so we can solve the issue and make sure the information your car is giving you is as helpful as possible.


Performing regular vehicle maintenance goes a long way toward protecting the Lexus RX 350 for years to come. From oil changes to fluid top-offs to rotating the tires, our service professionals work hard to keep your car running efficiently.

Regular maintenance can prevent serious issues from developing down the road, and can prevent some of these dashboard lights from turning on in the first place. When you need care for a Lexus near White Plains, Yonkers, or Scarsdale, visit Lexus of White Plains.


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