Lexus RX vs RZ

When it comes to picking out your next luxury SUV, you’ll find plenty of great options within the Lexus family of vehicles. To help you decide which Lexus SUV is right for you, our team at Lexus of White Plains has put two great candidates side-by-side with this comparison of the Lexus RX vs. RZ.

While at a glance you may find these two crossovers to be almost identical, a deeper look reveals a monumental difference that makes them more fraternal than identical. Continue reading to see which is the best fit for your drives around White Plains, Yonkers, and Scarsdale, NY!

It’s Electric!

The biggest difference between the Lexus RX and RZ is what, or in this case what isn’t, under the hood. The Lexus RX is a traditional gas-powered SUV, though it also features an available hybrid powertrain for increased efficiency. Meanwhile, the Lexus RZ goes a step further, being the first-ever fully electric vehicle in the Lexus lineup.

So, how does this stack up performance-wise? Let’s look:


Max Power Output

Max EPA-Estimated MPG/Range

Lexus RX

366 horsepower

Up to 37 city and 34 highway MPG

Lexus RZ

312 horsepower

Up to 220 miles of all-electric range

As you can see, both models are capable of impressive power with both putting out over 300 horsepower, and both can cover plenty of ground before needing to refuel or recharge. The only question is whether you’ll be stopping at a gas or charging station.


Whether you decide to navigate the busy streets of the big city or head into the wide-open landscape of upstate New York, both impressive Lexus SUVs have what it takes to get you where you’re going.

Available on both the RX and standard on the RZ, the advanced DIRECT4 all-wheel drive system allows for a smooth ride in various conditions. Utilizing an eAxle, a high-output electronic axle, this highly intelligent system is able to help drive all four wheels, monitoring and shifting power to each when necessary.

Come sun, rain, sleet, or snow, these Lexus SUVs will help you plow through it all!


Inside the Lexus RX and RZ, you’ll find forward-thinking interiors that put the driver and their needs first. A tech-forward and driver-focused cockpit helps to provide connection and comfort while you’re out on the road. A centerpiece of this cockpit is the Lexus Interface, which is designed to operate as an extension of you.

Part of this groundbreaking Lexus Interface is the Intelligent Assistant, which is available through Drive Connect. The Assistant lets you interface with your Lexus with casual speech and a simple “Hey Lexus”! With just two words, control over a number of systems is at your command including temperature, navigation, and audio selections, among others.

Which Lexus is Right for You?

When it comes down to getting around White Plains, Yonkers, and Scarsdale, New York, in the Lexus RX vs. RZ, you really can’t go wrong with either choice. With plenty of oomph under the hood, capable handling, and plenty of tech features to keep you at ease, the only question between the two is: electric or gas?

Luckily, our team at Lexus of White Plains is here to help you easily answer that question. Feel free to stop by or contact us with more questions, or schedule a test drive and see them for yourself!

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