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One of the most vital, and most often needed services for your vehicle, is the oil change—it’s essential to keeping your engine running clean and smooth. If you haven’t had an oil change for a while, or if you suspect that your car is showing signs that it needs one, you may be wondering, “Where can I get an oil change near me?” The answer is Lexus of White Plains, where we have a service center staffed by expert technicians.

Signs You Need an Oil Change

So, you know that getting an oil change regularly is important, but how do you know exactly when you need one? It’s best to simply schedule an oil change for every three months or so, although of course the frequency needed will vary based upon your driving habits, the climate, and your vehicle itself.

However, there are certainly ways that your car will let you know that it needs a change soon. Here’s a few of the most common warning signs that you need to call your mechanic and schedule a service appointment right away, so that your car will continue to run smoothly for all of your drives around White Plains, Hartsdale, and Scarsdale.

1. Dark, Dirty OilOil Change near Me

  • Lift up the hood of your vehicle and locate the oil dipstick to check out the color of your engine oil.
  • This is a quick and effective way to check for yourself if your oil needs to be changed.
  • Pull out the dipstick and wipe the oil onto a cloth.
  • Healthy oil should appear light brown or golden in color.
  • If the oil appears dark brown or black, or if it seems to be full of dirt and debris, it definitely needs to be changed.

2. Engine Noises

  • Those strange sounds coming from the under the hood of your car can seem sinister, but it’s likely that you simply need to schedule an oil change.
  • Clean oil lubricates all the moving parts within your engine, allowing them to run smoothly, preventing any metal from rubbing and getting corroded.
  • When oil is broken down, it becomes much less effective, which means that all those moving parts begin to rub against one another.
  • Not only is this noisy, but it’s a sign that if you don’t get some clean oil into the engine, then those parts will begin to corrode and get damaged.

3. Oil Change LightOil Change Dashboard Light

  • If the little oil can on your instrument cluster illuminates while you drive, your car is letting you know that you need an oil change soon.
  • You can check your oil with the dipstick to make sure you really need a refresh.

4. Exhaust Smoke

  • A little bit of vapor coming from your car’s tailpipe is normal, but if you see a cloud of blue smoke, that’s not a good sign!
  • This could indicate that your engine is burning oil. Get it checked out right away!

Schedule Your Oil Change near Me

If your vehicle is emitting any of these signs, it’s time for you to contact Lexus of White Plains and schedule an appointment at our service center. Our mechanics will refresh your oil in no time, so you can get back on the roads of White Plains, Hartsdale, and Scarsdale. You can also get additional automotive tips from us, like how to clean leather car seats, and more!



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