How to Check Coolant Level

Coolant reservoir

White Plains drivers are keenly aware that their vehicles require routine maintenance. One of the most common ways that you can check on your car’s status is knowing how to check the coolant level. So, what is coolant, and what can you do about coolant levels? Here, Ray Catena Lexus of White Plains demystifies this vital vehicle component. After you’ve found the information you need, keep in mind that we offer a range of Lexus service tips in addition to online parts resources.

What is Coolant?

Also known as antifreeze, coolant is a liquid that regulates the temperature on your engine. The name is a bit of a misnomer, as it helps in cold weather as much as warm weather.

  • Note: Part of knowing “What is coolant?” also means knowing what it looks like. You want it to be blue, green, yellow or red. If it’s tinted brown or appears to lack color, it’s time to flush it out and change it. In these instances, a Lexus service center can help you out!

How to Check Coolant Level

If you’ve been driving for three to six months on Scarsdale or Hartsdale highways, whether your vehicle was originally new or pre-owned, it’s probably time to check your coolant level. The process is simple:

  1. First, make sure the engine is cool!
  2. Without opening the radiator cap, check for exterior markings on the side of the reservoir. There should be a line that reads “FULL.” If the liquid doesn’t reach that line, it’s time to open the cap and add coolant until it does.
  3. Check your coolant to see if it needs to be diluted or if it’s pre-mixed.
  4. Finally, while you’ve got the hood open, inspect the hoses and the area around the radiator for leaks and/or damage.

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