If you take good care of your tires, they’ll take good care of you. As your sole point of contact with the road, keeping your tires in good condition is key to a safe drive around White Plains, Yonkers, and Scarsdale, NY. So, come visit Lexus of White Plains to get tire service and tire repair near me.

Tire Inspection

Tire Maintenance

There are a few different services you can get regularly to ensure that your tires are always in good condition. In general, you can get them checked each time you bring your vehicle in for an oil change, so you can make sure that the treads aren’t too worn out yet.

Checking the tread depth is actually fairly simple, and something you can do at home with just a penny! Place the penny with Lincoln’s head facing downward between the treads of your tires. If his head is covered at all by the treads, then they are still deep enough to be safe on the road. If not, it’s time to get your tires replaced.

Additionally, getting regular tire rotations and alignments will ensure that they’re getting worn down evenly. This can help to prolong their lifespan and ensures you have a smoother ride every time you get on the road.

Tire shop

Can I Fix My Tires?

We’ve all had a flat tire at one time or another. Whether you wake up to find the tire deflated or hear it pop after a particularly rough pothole, the first question you’ll likely ask yourself is: Can I fix this? In many cases, the answer is yes, of course! However, it’s ideal to bring the vehicle into a service center, so the experts can take a look and determine the best fix for your tires.

We want to make sure that you get every mile you deserve out of your tires, so when you have a flat, we can look for the holes and patch them to get you back on the road in a snap.

In some cases, the tire damage can be caused by another issue with your vehicle. For instance, tire cupping can often be attributed to an issue with the alignment. In those cases, we’ll look over the vehicle to figure out what’s causing the problem to prevent other issues from popping up later down the road.

Where to Go for Tire Repairs

You need tire repairs, and we can help. So, contact the service center at Lexus of White Plains and ask about tire repair near me to find out how we can help. We’ll make sure you and your vehicle are ready to ride home to White Plains, Yonkers, and Scarsdale, New York, with ease!

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