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Lexus GX

Buying a vehicle is one of the most important purchases you’ll likely make in your entire adult life, and it’s also one of the most exciting. The experience is even more fun and special when you purchase your vehicle from a reputable dealership. So, you may be wondering, “Where can I find a reputable used car dealer near me?” The answer is Lexus of White Plains, where we stock plenty of used models from Lexus and many of your other favorite brands.  Contact us today to get started.

Used LexusUsed Car Dealer near Me

At our used car dealer, we carry a large selection of used Lexus models, including popular vehicles such as the RX 350 crossover and the ES 350 sedan. You can view our entire inventory on our website, where each vehicle is listed along with important information such as pricing and specs. You can easily navigate the listings by using our helpful search tools to narrow in on a model that offers all the features that you need most for a great commute around White Plains, Hartsdale, and Scarsdale.

Why Buy Used?

Purchasing at our used car dealer is smart for many more reasons than you might expect. Sure, you might save some money on the total price of the vehicle, but there are many other benefits to purchasing a pre-owned vehicle that you may not have considered.


Yep, it’s true that when you drive a brand-new car off the lot for the first time, the vehicle immediately depreciates, losing a portion of its value right away. That means that when you’re ready to sell or trade in the car for something new, you won’t get back anywhere near as much as you originally paid for the vehicle. Would you rather be the one to lose almost 40% of the car’s value in a year, or the one who saves that much by purchasing the same car after it has been used by someone else for that year?

Sales Tax

Whether you purchase your car new or used, you’ll have to pay some sales tax—but used cars offer a much lower rate, and in some states, are even completely exempt! Check out your state’s specific laws to find out how much you can save by buying used.


When you purchase at our used car dealer, it’s likely not going to be this year’s model, but one that’s a year or two older. This is actually a great thing, and not just because the car has already depreciated at the expense of its original owner—they’ve also done even more of the legwork for you by giving the car a thorough road test. And it’s not just the car’s previous owner that you have to thank, but also all the other people who bought the same model when it was new.

They’ve given the car the test of daily use, revealing any recurring problems that the manufacturer may not have been aware of. So now, you can avoid those models, and only opt for the ones with proven reliability!

Visit the Used Car Dealer near Me

Purchasing a pre-owned vehicle sounds pretty great, right? If you’re in the market for a used car, contact Lexus of White Plains today, and we’ll help you find a used model that you’ll love for all your drives around White Plains, Hartsdale, and Scarsdale!